Friday, June 12, 2009

Conquering Genting Highlands

"for what you go!? 10 people go, 9 people come back losing $$!!"

Sounds familiar right? Most people go Genting try their luck... hoping to bring back some money. Eh... quite true la. I haven't hear many of my friends return with success stories.

But, for Uncle Eh... it was a dream come true!! Uncle Eh was in Genting yesterday and won a total of more than 3000RM in a few hours. More than SGD$1000!! The feeling was just soooo shiooook ah when the cashier pay out the winnings in notes of 50RM.

Uncle Eh shall share some tips on conquering Genting. First, your mood to play must be there la! If you sit at the table with a gloomy face... chances are your $$ would gloom away to the Banker. Bring along enough $$ to lose... if you gonna bring 200RM or 300RM and play games with a minimum bet of 50RM... good luck to you lo. If your $$ depleted after only a few games, how to expect Lady Luck to help you to win. You must find the right moment to strike. Once Lady Luck comes to you... just whack la. You may want to consider an amount of at least 500RM. Lastly, play the game you are BEST at! Remember this. Never play a game you yourself unsure of.

For Uncle Eh, his game is "Pontoon" (British-styled Blackjack). Pontoon or Blackjack, some people call it 21 points. Heck care the name of the game... this game is easy to understand and it takes some skill and teamwork to beat the Banker. Of course... our friends always say "not every day is Sunday" Ok agree... sometimes the Banker can be a pain in the "toot". But most of the time, the Bankers are "nice" people... they are very willingly to share $$ with everyone. After all, they only working right... money also not theirs. Unless, they get fired for handing out too much $$!?

Since the winnings from Genting helped recovered some losses from previous football matches... It is now time again to "whack" and win back some $$. Seemed like 2 goals and 3 goals very likely for the DPMM vs Geylang match today...

2,3 Goals for Brunei DPMM vs Geylang United

The recent statistics for the League Cup has shown that the chances of having 2 goals, 3 goals are v high! So, this time round we are going to win big time!!

Our Bet: $100 for 2 goal; $100 for 3 goals
If 2 goals, we win $240 net
If 3 goals, we win $270 net

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3,4 Goals for Tampines vs Balestier Khalsa

Our strategy this time would hopefully raise us up from our deficits. Tampines is high up on the table while B Khalsa is like at the bottom of the table.

Our Bet: $200 for 3 goal; $200 for 4 goals
If 3 goals, we win $680 net
If 4 goals, we win $880 net

Tampines vs Balestier

Tampines is soooo thirsty for a win!

They are only a few points short of the boys on top of the table and they definitely want to keep up with this race. Tampines was held to a draw with Home United and lost an away game playing SAFFC. They need to start scoring more goals to help themselves. Good news is that Tampines has home advantage and the 4-1 result in their last game would give the Stags more confidence.

Balestier won only one out of thirteen games. So far, they have conceded 25 goals. Surprisely, they continue to score at least one goal against big teams like SAFFC and Albirex.

It's gonna be an interesting match with Tampines looking to score a few goals and Balestier hoping to find the net too.

Wa piang eh... let's hope this round our prediction will come true!!

Prediction: 3 goals, 4 goals

Super Reds 0 DPMM 0

Wa piang eh! This must be one of those freak accidents...

Imagine your neighbours playing football at the void deck for 90 minutes and not score even ONE goal! It is almost impossible for zero goal. So many cards yet not even one penalty kick!

Why didn't I take a closer look at the odds for 0 goal? Could have placed 50 bucks on 0 goals to cushion our loss. Let this be a lesson.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Eh... this match gonna be low-scoring la!!

Super Reds has been consistent at home. They fought furiously and defended well against the bigger teams like Home United and SAFFC. They also won their last few matches. Too bad, they gonna miss out their striker today against DPMM plus they can't afford more yellow cards.

As for DPMM, punters would not expect this team to score many goals. Maybe one, maybe two. Records have shown that it is almost impossible to score against them in Brunei. They are very defensive at home. Neither do they score many at other stadiums.

Since Super Reds gonna have a "thin" team and DPMM is known for not scoring many goals, I would not expect more than 2 goals today.

DPMM is in third spot and surely they are looking at bettering their results to keep up with the other two clubs. They are looking at nothing less than 3 points. It would be a challenging 90 minutes for Super Reds.

Like the Super Reds' coach said, "in football, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose."

Prediction: Super Reds 0 - DPMM 1

Super Reds vs Brunei DPMM

Congrats to us. Lady luck is on our side after letting us win 2 games in a row! That puts us to a total deficit of only -S$386 after winning S$112 from the Gombak vs Young Lions match. Wahahah!

Today we lay our bets on Brunei DPMM to win. Although it already disappointed us once, but the ball is round and it'll be in our court today! To provide some insurance coverage, we also betted S$100 each on 1 goal and 2 goal.

Our Bet: $100 for Brunei DPMM to win; $100 for 1 goal; $100 for 2 goals
If Brunei DPMM win with 1-0 = S$640 net gain
If Brunei DPMM win with 2-0 = S$550 net gain

No more seeing red. Goodbye Super Reds~